SKOVA is a luxury fashion accessories line founded in 2008 and launched the original printed designed collection in Fall 2016 by designer, Michaela Moryskova. The collection includes towels/beach blankets and kimonos that integrate an array of cultural earmarks while embodying spiritual significance within each beautifully crafted piece.

Not merely an accessory line, SKOVA, embodies a commitment to inner soul, nature, love, and compassion. This commitment is clear and visible in each product, all of which are handmade using ethically environmentally sourced materials.

About Michaela Moryskova
Michaela Moryskova is a designer and serial entrepreneur born in Brno, Czech Republic and currently residing in San Diego, CA. She is the founder and designer of SKOVA, a luxury fashion accessories line, and co-founder & designer of La Vie Boheme Yoga.

Michaela began her artistic career at a very young age and after completing her schooling, Moryskova moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she traveled to Milan, Paris, London, and Tokyo as a runway model and was able to draw even more inspirations from her travels throughout the world.

Michaela Moryskova continues to combine her exquisite artistic ability with her business mind, desire, passion and determination for bring niche/ unique products to the marketplace.