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We are so excited to introduce you to Elizabeth Jane Swimwear!

Elizabeth Jane is a brand that focuses on producing the most comfortable swimwear in the world. Our designs flirt on the boundary of beautiful and sexy while remembering how a woman feels while wearing it, is of utmost importance. We use the softest fabrics within the industry, an dour feel is in a class all its own.

Elizabeth Jane donates a portion of its profits to HealED Love All Of You. HealED is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping women who are suffering from eating disorders. In order to aid in recovery. the organization uses and variety of educational tools to promote healthy forms of emotional intelligence, spirituality, altruism, and behaviors free of addiction. Elizabeth Jane is dedicated to making a difference in the world of women's body image issues. We support each woman in creating a life she loves starting with the way she looks and feels in swimwear. We believe every woman is beautiful just the way she is, and that every life can be a dream life.

Elizabeth Jane - Live a beautiful life


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