Shelley Arends: Beach Brella Founder

Beach lover, dedicated surfer, and Laguna Beach local, Shelley Arends had a vision of standing out on the beach with a unique Beach Brella.  All of our beach umbrellas are handmade and hand sewn with our Beach Brella Karma Guarantee.  Shelley is excited to share with you her journey in celebrating the California lifestyle through Beach Brella.


Beach Brella is a premium, boutique umbrella brand created to capture a luxury lifestyle beach and resort experience.  Our brand mantra:  “Made in the Shade’ sets the tone for our unique line of umbrellas that stand apart from the crowd, infused with a certain style we like to call modern-vintage chic.


Our umbrellas are 100% UV protective, fade resistant, lightweight, and come in a fashionable, beachy, carrying case.  All umbrellas are eligible for refund within six months from the original puchase date with a receipt.

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